I’m so thrilled to welcome you to our doTERRA team! You are joining an incredible group of people who are passionate about changing people’s lives with essential oils and growing a doTERRA business that will provide financial freedom and make all kinds of dreams come true.

I’ve started this website so that everyone has access to all the awesome information that will help you grow your business. So no matter if your sponsor or enroller is helping you, or where you live, you are part of this team and have access to everything I use to train my leaders. Duplication is crucial to your success in this business. So the more easily you can copycat this proven successful model, the sooner you’ll be teaching your leaders to do the same thing.  And I am not the creator of most of this training. I pull the best resources I’ve used and lay them out in an easy-to-follow manner.

Your time is important. And there has never been a better time to grow a business with doTERRA. There are amazing resources and systems ready for you to grab and go put into action. So get ready to learn and start doing what you learn. These trainings are NOT one you must complete in totality before you can get started with your business. This first post, Getting Started with doTERRA, could be finished in 1-2 days. And you can always come back to the information again. Be sure to start new leaders here too. So let’s get learning and building your soon-to-be oil empire.


Melissa Morgner
doTERRA Diamond Wellness Advocate
{PS. Please keep in mind that this is business training, not product training. I am making the assumption that you are taking time to learn all about your oils and how to use them. Be a product of the product DAILY. You, your family and even your house ‘represent’ doTERRA. Smell good and use oils frequently. Start on the Lifelong Vitality Supplements. Let doTERRA’s products replace as many things as you possible in your life.}

Step 1: doTERRA University

Learn the basics in 6 easy steps. Work through dōTERRA University and complete each step on this doTERRA-sponsored website by watching videos and taking quizzes.  Pay close attention to the video on Step 5 and watch as many times as you need to in order to fully understand our Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). After you’ve completed all of the steps, let your upline leader know. http://www.doterrauniversity.com/
doTERRA University

Step 2: Getting Started Webinar

Watch this short webinar from top doTERRA Wellness Advocate Justin Harrrison. (just click this link below

Step 3: Compensation 101

Watch this short video, also from Justin Harrison, to learn how you will earn money with doTERRA. You can download and print copies of the Compensation Plan on doTERRA Tools.  http://www.oilsmentor.com/doterra-compensation-101/

Step 4: Direct Deposit Form

You will be earning money soon as you start to share these oils and enroll people. doTERRA takes $1.95 out of each check they mail, but only 50 cents from each direct deposit. It’s easy to get direct deposit set up. Print this form, follow the directions, attach a voided check, and mail to the address on the form.

Step 5: Daily Mentor Training Calls

These 15-minute (or less) phone calls are full of basic training and motivation from doTERRA’s top leaders Patrick and Alysse Sedivy. Although they aren’t in our direct upline, we have access to this 8 week training. I highly recommend going through this training at least twice. I like listening to these while driving or cleaning my kitchen or folding laundry. Commit to listening to this training at least 5 days a week.  (Go ahead and program it into your phone)


(951) 262-3794 ext. 201

(Day 2 is ext. 202, Day 3 is ext. 203 and so on)

Step 6: Check in with your Mentor/Enroller

Once you’ve completed this Getting Started with doTERRA training on this webpage, call or email your enroller.

This is also a great time to set up a weekly time of mentoring with them. Regular support from your enroller will help you grow your business. They are available for questions, training, brainstorming and encouragement. Your success is their success! If you’re not getting the support you need from the person who enrolled you, go up a level and ask to be mentored.
Congratulations! You’ve gone through the Getting Started with doTERRA training and are ready for the next phase of training: “Sharing, Sampling & Inviting.”


The research is in and supports what you already know–dōTERRA essential oils work to improve mood, stress and anxiety. Check out this great, short clip from Vanderbilt’s Emergency Department.

My little brown bottle picks for improving your mood.


Citrus Bliss {calming and elevating}
Diffuse or spritz in the air. I apply this like perfume on my wrists and neck sometimes–simply dreamy smell!

Serenity {soothing and calming, perfect right before bed}
Apply to the feet or temples for stress relief. Can also be applied to the neck and lymph nodes if needed to reduce anxiety, if blood pressure is high or there is tension. This is my favorite for creating sleepy children.

Peppermint & Wild Orange {energizing}
When I’m feeling blah or just tired, I use these two together for an energizing pick-me-up. My mother-in-law swears this makes her 14 hour road trip to visit totally possible. Energizing, invigorating and uplifting!

Lemon or Lime {citrus=uplifting}
Like most citrus oils, lemon and lime possess enhancing mood benefits. You can add a couple drops to your water or just add a couple drops on your hands; cup and inhale.

Elevation {the joyful blend}
A beautiful blend for fighting depression, fatigue and anxiety. You can diffuse it or massage on the neck or chest. Again, when I’m in a hurry, I just rub it into my wrists and neck.


If you don’t have a diffuser, check out the beautiful Lotus Diffuser from dōTERRA or the Aroma Ace that was used in the video clip. A home diffuser is really essential to optimally using your oils aromatically with little effort. And by all means, don’t pay the retail price on the website! Contact me so I can tell you how to get it for my wholesale price and save 25%.


What’s your favorite essential oil for improving your mood?




Obligatory disclaimer: The information in this blog is intended for education purposes only, the statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a physician. These suggested uses apply only to dōTERRA CERTIFIED PURE THERAPEUTIC GRADE essential oils (CPTG).